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Parish of Bury Roch Valley
The Parish Church of Saint Peter

Saint Peter's Road, Bury, Lancs. BL9 9QZ
Tel: 0161 764 1157

Vicar: Revd. Gordon Joyce

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1st Dec 2013

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Latest News from the Parish

1st December, 2013

Did you know that it costs Saint Peter's church £20 an hour to heat the building, and the heating is on for about 8 hours on average?


23rd June, 2013

A bit about Gordon... by Gordon

Revd. Gordon Joyce
I was born in Dartford, Kent- the same place as Mick Jagger, though I think it's the only thing we have in common. I went to Birmingham University, where I met Ann, both of us studying History. I taught for thirteen years, was very happy living in a large village in Kent called Paddock Wood, where two of our daughters were born, and where I was very involved in the local church. It was a great place to be for us, open and welcoming and gave me a model of what a church should be. We moved to Nottingham for me to train as a Vicar - two good years, during which our third child was born and where I read some great books and played a lot with my kids.

We moved to Didsbury, in Manchester, so I could be a curate, then onto Middleton, where we lived for fourteen years. We were very lucky in both places, and were very happy.

Our girls are grown up, two in Bristol, one of them is about to get married, the other just finished her engineering degree. We have another living in the centre of Manchester who has just moved to the Isle of Man; she seems about to achieve her ambition of marrying a millionaire. We look much older than we are, thanks to our daughters.

I’ve been based at Bury Parish Church for seven years, with quite a lot of roles in Bury – St Paul’s church, in the town centre and at Bury Church School. I’m a jack of all trades, master of none. All of these roles I’m giving up, to concentrate on the parishes of Bircle and Roch Valley, but am still area dean. Last August I became vicar of Bircle, and love the congregation, the church building and the local area. I’m very excited about coming to the parish of Roch Valley. My job is to help people connect with God. My motto is based on St Paul's words, "We have this Gospel treasure in claypots." I'm very much a claypot, sometimes pretty cracked - but I'm banking on God being in the market for cracked pots.

Gordon Joyce


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Saint Peter's has many projects on the go, and not a lot of money to pay for it (for example it will cost us around £10,000 to cover the outside of the stained glass windows to stop them leaking). If you can help either financilly or by any other means, please either vist the donation page or contact us. Thank you.



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