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Parish of Bury Roch Valley
The Parish Church of Saint Peter

Saint Peter's Road, Bury, Lancs. BL9 9QZ
Tel: 0161 764 1157

Vicar: Revd. Gordon Joyce

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1st Dec 2013

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Young Voices

Young Voices LogoYoung Voices was set up to allow the young people of the church to have a voice, and to get their views on what is happening. So in April we had our first meeting, and from that first meeting we have grown in numbers.

Originally Young Voices was known as Junior PCC (Parochial Church Council)– but most of the group didn’t know what "PCC" meant, so the group came up with a list of ideas, and Young Voices was the one that had the most votes.

We meet once a month, in the Parish Room and we discuss different things, from the harvest service to doing something at Christmas. There is always a CRB'd adult who sits in at the meetings who is on the PCC.

If you are 8 or older and you would like to join or even come along to see what we are about, please feel free, it’s as much your church as the adult members of the congregation.

So far we have had some good ideas to do with fundraising, and once they have been put to the PCC, we will then go about planning them, so keep a look out, as some of the things that we are planning hopefully will get everyone together, and having a good time.

If anyone would like to know anything about Young Voices, please don’t hesitate to get in contact, either come and see me (Becci Greenwood – Choir) or Sarah Douglas (Baby Bay) if you are at church, or fill in the question form and we will get back to you.

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